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Merry Christmas my love !  >.<

Since weather is getting warmer over at your side, here’s a frozen yogurt for you! HAHA the very same bag of cranberries as for your bday cake:x

And i wish you’d enjoy your last month here at nz, and also an awesome 2012 year ahead !

Of coz a Christmas wish for both of us to spend a Christmas at a nice hut overlooking the mountains.. hrmph* Almer Hut. HAHA
Take Care & happy holidays !

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洗衣機 作詞:阿信 作曲:怪獸

洗衣機 穿著一身 褪色塑料壓克力
獨坐在陽台上 受 日曬風吹雨淋
電視機 孩子們目光都以他為中心
黑色簡約外型 多適合客廳

就算是吹風機 也有流線外型
緊握在手心 像跳舞親密
光榮的電唱機 晉身為古董級
典雅的中音 比誰都 更受歡迎

木訥的洗衣機 從沒有主題曲
只有風霜灰塵 讓人不想接近

從來沒有 一句的怨言 你丟多少它都洗
脫水總是 全心又全力 直到顫抖了身體
多少年了 旋轉又旋轉 時間一眨眼過去
上了年紀 卻依然盡力 孤獨勇敢洗衣機

咖啡機 歐洲進口 帶著書卷貴族氣
孩子都長大了 愛 圍著它喝那堤
洗衣機 一直以來 度量很大沒心機
它的唯一關心 是何時放晴

就算是已退役 的那台光碟機
也帶我經歷 冒險和愛情
冰箱的肚子裡 啤酒和冰淇淋
撫慰了多少 失眠和 失戀的心

木訥的洗衣機 從學不會討喜
洗過多少四季 然後再一世紀

所有電器 都住在屋簷下 不必風吹雨淋
卻只有它 孤獨的守在 陽台角落裡運行
多少年了 旋轉又旋轉 時間一眨眼過去
上了年紀 卻依然盡力 孤獨勇敢洗衣機

突然有天 好想要幫忙 衣服放進洗衣機
才發現了 它早就壞了 只是捨不得換新
奇怪是誰 一直清洗著 我闖的禍和污泥
好久以來 原來我衣服 全部都是媽媽洗

從來沒有 一句的怨言 你丟多少她都洗
她卻總是 全心又全力 直到顫抖了身體
多少年了 旋轉又旋轉 時間一眨眼過去
才發現了 媽媽一直是 我無聲洗衣機
才發現了 她的皺紋是 無法償還的借據
才發現了 她的背影是 無法釋懷的風景

Happy 1027th day !

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88,732,800 seconds (..& still counting) has passed since we first met. I am grateful everyday to have you to miss, to think about what you are doing, to relish on thoughts about our future together and sometimes wondering if you’d know I’m thinking of you…

Instead of keeping naughty thoughts to myself, I declare today a special day and shall unleash all my gratefulness here. I’m gonna give thanks to God and to youyouyou for being you & giving us a chance to be together. Thank You, LKX. I love you >.< And I’m very grateful.

I love your nose.
I love your bear hug, warm & tight.
I love your hug, especially when I tip my toes to embrace you, you hold me there so I won’t fall back down.
I love your hug, when I bury half my face in the small of your right shoulder & you always smell comfy nice.
I love your cute soft cheeks, and love to cup your face with my hands.
I love to hear you talk and go on rambling non-stop, when everything you say becomes interesting.
I love to watch you eat, though sometimes you eat so fast and so much that it feels like I have eaten too.
I love to smell your clothes/pillow/hair when you aren’t watching.
I love to miss you because I know you’d be missing me too.
I love all the thoughts of doing something with you, thoughts of designing our future home, thoughts of holding your hand & strolling leisurely whenever I’m doing some fun activity now, whenever I see a cute furniture somewhere, whenever I count down to the day you’ll be back (that’s everyday).
I love you, and you gave me faith to love.

Thank you love. You make love beautiful.


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as long as you are alive, good things will come your way

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