Let’s hang out together
eyes stuck onto the TV our bodies glued together on the sofa
push a shopping cart load up the groceries prepare wholesome meal
you sit still i rub your back i relax you give me nice squeeze
turn on the radio loud we sing with vigour and glee
enjoy a musical in a grand theatre surround by sensational musical numbers
picnic by a stream under a big tree little robins singing around us
wake up with my face in your chest breathe in your scent
i load your hair with soap suds you rinse mine off with care
a chilled beer in one hand and slice of oven baked pizza in other
me on your lap both our hands on the mouse and we surf the net
shoulder to shoulder waist to waist stroll the beach and kicking sand
indulge a lovely trek in the wilderness smell the crisp air
run cycle climb jump hop swim crawl roll we do them all
sleep under the stars we embrace under the sheets
i pinch your cheek you tickle me
Let’s hang out together.