Dear Hui Yun

 Thank you for your question.

 1)     Work visa(sponsored)
You have to get a working visa because you will work for more 3 months. We are going to examine to get a working visa. After that, we are going to reply about working visa.

2)     Working days
We hope you will work sixth a week. But sometimes, when we have busy weeks, we need that you work seventh a week.

3)     Job scope
We are glad to your saying! Usually, you might have housekeeping, cleaning, kitchen helping.

4)     Others
We have a room for employees. But it is not 1 room of 1 person. Usually, 3 or 4 employees use 1 room.
And we also supply a meal. You do not worry about that
Then, we can borrow as lift pass. You can use it when you want to ski. Also we can borrow ski goods.
We want to get a your resume. Please send it for us.

Probably, after we examine about working visa, we are going to send an e- mail.
And when we get questions, we will ask to you.
Thank you for your questions, and please just moments for working visa.

 Aspen shiga
Kunio sato