They say, that certain dark areas of our lives we are meant to experience.. to make us stronger, to make us better. Some we are thankful for, some briefly made us bitter, some resulted to grief. I think, a piece of that dark area right there, there was a lesson to learn. Dark times don’t last.. the sun will always be there, to shine to you its light.

-i am grateful for everything i have now. but there are times when the reality of life overwhelms my appreciation. and things seems dark and low. sometimes i guess i think too much and that’s why i’m more sensitive to it. but i cant deny how i feel at the moment. but i believe, always, that things are gonna get better. and now, that i have you in my life, you’re my sunshine, and you’re my constant motivation. the thought of you will lighten up my mood. i wish you were here. i’m not strong and i’m not good. but with you, it all seems fine. thank you for helping me to be strong again. i love you.