The other me i never knew about, until you came along and discovered me.

I didn’t believe that i could love again because whatever I did in the past never seemed to go right.
Love is all about giving, they said. So i gave it all.
To the point when i was gotten tired of, it felt like i was brushed aside.
Somehow from then on, i hid under a rock and lived my life.
You came along, kicked the rock aside and poured golden sunshine onto me.

I have never been so grateful to meet someone.
And I have never truly felt so strongly that he is the one.
I have never so happily missed someone because i know he misses me just as much.
I have never had so many photos with anyone, and that i could look at each and every photo everyday, again and again.
I have never called anyone Love.
I have never imagined nor looked so forward to living life together with him.
I have never received so many handwritten cards and so much love.
I have never been so overwhelmed with love to believe that i can eat love, sleep love and live love.
I have never been so open with my feelings towards someone.
I have never been so afraid of lost time that i’ll always tell him i love him so much everyday.
I have never imagined my bolster to be him every night i sleep.
I have never felt so hopeful in life.
I have never felt so assured with his presence.
I have never thought i could be so happy that even if any sad thing happened, he’ll always make it right.
I have never loved anyone call me little pig.
I have never felt so grateful that when i’m typing this, i cry.

Thank you my love, LIANGKAIXIANG, until you discovered me.
Will you stay with me ?
If you are forever, i’ll be always.