Dear love,

I have an epiphany. It came right after i put up the previous post and i guess it also partially stems from what you told me over skype your emotional aftermath of your first climb. I realize, like you me too, we are not extraordinary people like the famous ones, nor the ordinary ones living the normal way of life. Never the favorites, we are the “in-betweens”.

Usually, 1)Special Talent + 2)Hard Work = 3)Extraordinary. We don’t have a special talent (some people call it genes) in a specific area to begin with. Or we have yet to discover that in ourselves. I guess, when you realize that you are good at something, somehow the thought itself motivates you to work harder and become better. There is a snow-ball effect to it, i believe. But for myself, i really don’t see myself special in any way or other. Or should i say i’m like Jack of all trades, Master of none? And does this mean i’ll never become extraordinary?

Yet, we lament being ordinary and seek big dreams. We are quickly bored with normal stuffs. We tend to fantasize aplenty. We dream to become extraordinary, one day. We look upon the average people as the ones we won’t want to become. And this weird streak in us holds us back from entering the normal life.

There are no “in-betweens” in Nature. Eventually, everything goes to equilibrium. So this clearly means that years down the road, we either become the extraordinary, or the plain normal being, and which direction depends on the process. Either we climb up to the top ourselves, or gravity will simply pull us downwards.

So my love, what’s the plan?

I guess i can safely say that we share almost the same thoughts. We don’t have the guts or enough conviction to declare that we will become extraordinary one day. Yet we look upon each day as a day of opportunity to our way. We take initiative to open up the chest of options. We try to live life at ease, taking things in our stride and living by come what may. But the uncertainty of the future unknown to us aka the crappy feeling of hanging in limbo keeps us on tethering hooks and drives us up the wall. We often end up frustrating ourselves, and then to get over it the next day. Sometimes, we simply pray to God to shed a light on the path. It’s indeed difficult to be a “in-between” right? However my love, do you know what’s the best consolation now? That I’m walking this path with you, and i hope we never part. We’ll hold hands and keep trying for our dreams and move towards the Heavens together >.< Shall we?

“In the end, i didn’t become extraordinary. At least i died trying.” – hahaha it actually sounds morbidly good, maybe next time i’ll put this on my tombstone as a RIP caption.

I’m stuck on you, my love. Like the koala on the eucalyptus tree.