Arrange the next skype session with hui. Or apparate to hui.
Bug hui whenever.
Cook yourself (and hui) a nice meal.
Decorate this blog.
Enjoy the nice meal for both you and hui.
Feed hui over skype the nice meal.
Grumble to hui.
Humour hui with jokes.
Invent a teleporter.
Jot down the happy things with hui.
Kiss imaginary hui.
Laugh so loudly that hui can hear you.
Munch on a fruit.
Nagnagnag at hui to do her stuffs.
Operate the teleporter to bring yourself to hui.
Post hui a loooooooong fb msg.
Quiz hui on the countries and capitals in the world.
Relieve memories with hui.
Sing hui many songs.
Tell hui you love her.
Update hui on what you have done so far.
Vent your boredom on hui.
Write hui many things.
Xoxo hui.
Yawn so awesomely that hui will be infected as well.
Zzz and dream of hui.