I don’t know if i should say this, because i know that if i say it, it may affect. but then again, if i keep it to myself, i’ll be guilty as charged for not sharing as we agreed to share everything with each other, good or bad.

The moment you told me you want to climb Everest, I instantly (and finally) understood how my mom feels when i mention i want to disappear into a strange country on my own next month.

On first thought, it’s a why ?? Then secretly, it’s don’t go, please. -then my mind goes blank- *slaps myself – and i wake up-

These thoughts certainly crossed my mind the very first instant. And they were quickly squashed the very next moment as well, by my own convictions, to pursue our dreams. As much as i am afraid of losing you or that something happening and i’m not around for you, i also don’t want you to lose your dreams. For without dreams, life is like a bird with a broken wing; a broken pencil. I don’t want you to regret the things you wanted but never tried putting up a fight.

And sometimes, when i come across interesting (and risky) expeditions, i’m afraid of showing them to you. But you know i’m just so incapable of hiding from you; i can simply die from my own guilt. In the end, i’ll tell you all the exciting things i see. But now i also want you to know what goes through my mind too.

My dear, you have my fullest support and all the blessing i can ever pray to God for and love. Go chase your dreams, climb over the brick walls, and hang on during the most difficult times. If you ever feel tired or feverish during the process, just turn around for a big encouraging hug (and forehead kiss) as i’ll always be 2 steps behind you. May you have the passion and strength to do all the things you have always wanted to, and the good luck to be able to grab every opportunity to strike an item off your bucket list.